Customer-oriented service
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A highly motivated, highly trained team of employees is at your disposal for preventive maintenance and maintenance work of our own and external hydraulic units.

For special applications, our employees, for personal protection and safety, special protection equipment such as gas warning devices, height belts incl. 10 meters of scaffolding are available, so that we are able to carry out assembly and repair work even under difficult conditions.


  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Aggregate overhaul (Free cost proposal)
  • hydraulic cylinder
  • Bladder (Accumulator) incl. Acceptance of all countries
  • Valves
  • Engines / Motors
  • Hand pumps 700bar / 1000bar / 2500bar ( incl. Tüv & UVV decrease )
  • Accep­tance of lifting platforms of all kinds according to UVV
  • Complete piping / hoseing of machines and systems.
  • On-site trouble­shooting

Assembly Service:

  • On-site trouble­shooting by our specialist staff
  • Suburb Renewal of pipelines & hoses
  • Oil service incl. particle measure­ment for oil analysis
  • Accep­tance of hoists on site
  • TÜV acceptance for pressure vessels of all kinds
  • Volume flow measure­ments
  • Optimi­zation of hydraulic systems & control


Hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their components must be regularly serviced. This not only maintains full functionality, but also extends the service life and saves valuable energy, especially in compressed air systems. We are happy to prepare a maintenance plan for you.