Hydraulic Units & Drive Units

We supply standard hydraulic units up to Special hydraulics, as single, series or special production

From the test unit for tonne-heavy cylinders to simple compact units for Machine tools up to complete central hydraulics.

Our hydraulic professionals will help you develop solutions and Concepts.

We plan, design, deliver, assemble and maintain the correct hydraulic power units foryou

Depending on the requirements, our hydraulic units are available for stationary as well as mobile deployments.

Whether it is the steel industry, plant and mechanical engineering or Chemical and food industry, we implement your individual requirements and configure our hydraulic units accordingly.

Retrofit on hydraulic power units

Germany wide or Worldwide, many hydraulic power units are often more than 20 years successful in use, provide excellent services, they are at the heart of a hydraulic system.

Despite all this, even the best and most reliable hydraulic unit must be replaced or modernised at some point.

In order to ensure optimal operation in the long term and to reduce the risk of failure, minimize.

HST GmbH specializes in modernizing old hydraulic units or to develop new hydraulic units for you, which can be perfectly integrate existing industrial plant.

What we do for you:

  • Recording your requirements or recording the current Hydraulicunits
  • Design of your hydraulic unit
    • Hydraulic aggregate construction in Inventor (3D
    • Hydraulic switchdiagrams in Autocad
  • Production of hydraulic power units
    • Specialized hydraulics
    • Prejudge, pipe bender, hose assembly
    • Painter (special coatings, powder coating)
  • Technical acceptance
    • Test run of every new plant in our house gladly also with you.
    • Test protocol
  • Documentation according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Installation and commissioning of the hydraulic unit
  • Service and maintenance
  • Service support (maintenance and testing)
  • Motor power up to 230 kW
  • Flow rate up to 1500 L/min, higher flow rates on request
  • Pressure up to 2800 bar, higher pressures on request
  • Tank volume up to 10,000 litres on request
  • Materials : aluminium, steel, stainless steel - operating medium: mineral oil, biooil HE HEES, flame retardant oil HFC, food approved oil
  • Ambient temperatures: from -30°C to +65°C
  • Competence in national and international directives and standards, eg.:
    • EN ISO 4413
    • Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC
    • Pressure equipment directive
    • Explosion-protected areas (ATEX)
    • TR
    • CSA
    • UL
    • DGUV Information 209-070 -> Safety in hydraulics
    • Water Budget Act WHG