Maintenance & Oilservice

Maintenance of hydraulic systems

We offer the following maintenance work:

  • Oil
  • Pressure memory check
  • Pressure storage repair
  • Pump testing
  • Oil analysis
  • Filter
  • sealing control elements
  • replacement of wear parts
  • replacement of defective or outdated hose lines.

Information on the storage and service life of hydraulic hose lines on request at

Hose service

Our hose service is ready to meet every customer's request and is able to compress all hydraulic hose variants with the desired connections.

Due to our extensive storage program, hydraulic hoses as well as additional components such as pumps, valves or fittings are available for immediate availability.

Maximum 6 years storage and use of hose lines

Hoses and hose lines have a limited storage and use time due to material. They must therefore be replaced and renewed at regular intervals. Only then is functional safety and occupational safety guaranteed.

The storage/use period of hose lines in accordance with DIN 20066/ZH 1/74 may not exceed 6 years. The functionality must be checked during the period of use (according to ZH 1774 at least 1 times per year). We offer you regular maintenance and create your individual maintenance concept.

We manufacture for you:

  • Hydraulic hoses according to EN ISO 6803 from DN2 to DN40
  • Pneumatic hoses
  • High-pressure hoses with steel and stainless steel fittings
  • Teflon hoses coated with stainless steel
  • Chemical hoses
  • Tanker
  • Dairy hoses

Hydraulic oil analysis

Contaminated hydraulic oil is one of the main causes of malfunctions of hydraulic systems. We analyze your hydraulic oil, create a particle analysis according to ISO 4406 C and recommend suitable oil and filter services. For more information, see Menu Item Hydraulic Oil Service.

Our services

  • Oil investigations according to ISO 4406
  • Brugger test in accordance with DIN 51347 on lubrication
  • Oil change with respect to BGR 137
  • Bypass filtration
  • Oil drainage
  • Filter exchange
  • Filter design